= How to play =

Use Mouse click OR Space key to jump
On mobile: Tap on screen

"Up to the moon" is my first game that I made, and I am very satisfied to share with you.
And it's only beginning :) I work hard, and developing new games with more interesting ideas. 
I am just a programmer, with little bit graphic illustration skills.
And I have little bit problems with different type of resources, and will be SO HAPPY to any kind of finacial support :)
Please support me with my dream to make a better game :)


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Hi, I played your game briefly. I got a score of 20. The graphics are nice. I liked the colors and theme. It becomes too repetitive, perhaps change the clouds or put some collectables. Also the jump now is always the same length. Perhaps give it a little more depth - like holding the jump key to stay longer in the air, pressing it shorter - stay shorter. Change the speed of the clouds and this will give it more variety of gameplay and skill. Good luck.